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Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
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 11 reviews
by Priscilla Deegan on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Good Job!

This is the only remodeling contractor that I can trust. I have been their client ever since I heard of them in the industry. As far as I can remember, there was never a time that I got disappointed with the quality of the work delivered! Keep up the good job!

by Lisa Hauser on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Very Professional!

I did not expect that this remodeling contractor is very approachable and easy to communicate with! He has great work ethics and he made sure that all of my concerns can be addressed immediately. Now, I am living comfortably!

by Barry Andersen on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Very Competent!

I decided to hire this company because of the feedback that I had heard. I am truly happy that I did! He did give us an estimate together with the schedule of the work that needed to be done. And without a doubt, he did repair my home within the time agreed! Excellent general handyman services!

by Donna Frazee on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Special Thanks!

I am very grateful for the handyman that helped me in making my home look exquisite and expensive! With his skills and knowledge in the industry, my home has never been better! I will surely call for his general handyman services again!

by Gisele McDonald on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling

I always wanted to do a home remodeling in my place, but I haven’t found the right contractor until I heard about this company. The expert is really responsive, very professional, and easy to approach. Thus, when I made different requests, I was able to communicate it with him right away!

by James Nixon on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Great Experience!

It was an absolute pleasure working with this home remodeling company! Aside from listening to all of my concerns, he is able to do the work in a short period of time! I had a great time working with such a professional!

by Michael Reid on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling

I just moved to another place and my new place needs serious remodeling. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of this company and was attended immediately. He knows what he is doing and needless to say, my new place looks extraordinarily amazing. Thanks a lot!

by Brenda H. on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
I'd recommend

Working with this handyman is really simple and easy. You call, set the time, explain what your issue is, and there is no hassle or stupid questions. Very to the point. I’d recommend.

by Robert McNutt on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Left Me Speechless!

I have been to different remodeling companies first before finding this one. I am really glad that I employed his services. Not only that the handyman is very approachable and friendly but also he is really attentive to details!

by Sandy Tapia on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Build Good Rapport!

I needed a handyman service that could assist me in fixing my countertop. I found this company through my friends. I was not disappointed as to how professional they handled my situation. They listened to my concerns and they made sure that the work was done according to my preference!

by Ethel Spillers on Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling
Offer Great Services!

I was looking for a handyman service provider a few weeks ago to help me repair my ceiling. I discovered this company and sure enough, the expert gave me a price quotation right away. Came the day of the scheduled repair, the professional came on time and started the work immediately. I am very happy with the results!

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