Learn More About My Range of Remodeling and Handyman Services

In business since 2017, today Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling is a well-respected handyman and remodeling service provider that both homeowners and commercial property owners in the area trust for a wide range of jobs. To learn which these are and how they can benefit you, just stay on this page and do not forget I operate in areas outside of Patterson, LA.

Ceiling Construct
Finished clothes closet and shoe rack

Pressure Washing Services

There are surfaces best cleaned using powerful water jets. Those surfaces include fences, patios, walkways, outdoor metal structures (e.g., benches, lamps, etc.), driveways, walls, and hardscape features. I have the equipment and skills necessary to provide a budget-friendly service.

Painting Services

Is your home up for repainting? Investing in painting services is the easiest and most affordable way to instantly improve the look of your home. What is more, I can also help you in picking the colors and shades depending on your preference and the various emotions which color tones and subtones can cause. For example, grey for the bedroom, light green for the playroom.

Remodeling Services

Working equally well on residencies, apartments, guesthouses, hotels, motels, offices, and other kinds of properties, Tony Harrison Handyman & Remodeling will not fail to handle the improvement you want for your place.

Carpentry Services

From installing crown molding to replacing your old windows, I can do it all.

Handyman Services

Patching drywall, fixing small plumbing and electrical issues, and repairing doorknobs are just a few examples of my handyman service. If it can be done, I will take care of it!

If you are curious to learn more about my availability, terms, and rates, please don’t hesitate to contact me by calling (985) 248-6377 with your questions. Do not let the fact that the base of my operations is in Patterson, LA influence you because I have clients from nearby areas as well. Contact me for more information!